€ 750.00 For Rent

MsidaRef P2362

2 bedrooms apartment in Msida, consisting of an.... [MORE]

0 Mq 2 bed 1 bath 0 parking Apartment. Modern Finish
€ 1350.00 For Rent

SliemaRef P2361

Sliema - Brand new, modern, 2 bedrooms apartmen.... [MORE]

0 Mq 2 bed 2 bath 0 parking Apartment. Modern Finish
€ 1300.00 For Rent

SliemaRef P2353

Modern apartment in Sliema, consisting of 2 bed.... [MORE]

0 Mq 2 bed 2 bath 0 parking Apartment. Modern Finish
€ 1300.00 For Rent

GziraRef P2352

1 bedroom penthouse in Gzira. Property is newly.... [MORE]

0 Mq 1 bed 1 bath 0 parking Penthouse. Modern Finish
€ 800.00 For Rent

San PawlRef P2351

Fully furnished maisonette comprising of open p.... [MORE]

0 Mq 2 bed 2 bath 0 parking Ground Floor . Modern Finish
€ 600.00 For Rent

MelliehaRef P2350

Fully furnished 2nd floor apartment situated in.... [MORE]

0 Mq 3 bed 1 bath 0 parking Apartment. Ordinary Finish


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